Hi there, my name is Tom Hix and I have the greatest title ever, I am an artist. I’m an artist with 8 years of agency experience, a few years of creative management, and a thriving career as a contract designer. My ambition is to make art that's like modern day Moebius. My passion for design is to overcome every challenge with the intent to break the status quo; to set new trends. This biography summarizes my career (which is of course important) but all you really need to know about me is that I'm always ready to work on something new and creative, so if you are too then drop me a line and let's do just that!

At Columbus College of Art & Design, I studied new artistic techniques, and received my B.F.A in Illustration and Graphic Design. I went on to become a designer with a focus on digital and a passion for building assets and layouts for the web. After gaining over 7 years of global ad agency experience at GSW in Columbus, I left to manage the creative department at Inno-Pak, where I grew my skills in packaging design and art direction. I organized and created assets for creative production in packaging for various clients as well as Inno-Pak's internal product line, photography, 3D packaging tools, and website.

In 2017 I worked with Whitespace, the internal ad agency for Abbott Nutrition. At Whitespace I worked on various teams as a senior digital designer. I also worked on new business, providing design for digital/social media, illustration, and art direction for product launches and pitches.

I recently became a Senior Designer at Fitch, where I work to breathe life into retail. My day to day consists of creating high end concepts as well as production ready graphics in digital and print spaces. I work primarily to help establish global retail standards in retail design for major brands primarily in the tech products and services industry. Working for Fitch gives me the opportunity to see retail from every possible angle and help bring the industry into the age of service. Want to know more? Have a look!